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07-05-2010, 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by wolverine79936 View Post
Alright. FIrst off, my tantrum: Who made the AIs so impossible to kill or psychotic? Me and my friend are getting ready to cancel our accounts and we've only been playing for a few weeks. Last game I played was LOTRO and it was fun until I got all 7 of my chars up to lvl 65. On here, it seems like y'all want us to fail.

My friend is Lieutenant 10 and I am Lieutenant Commander 8. At the moment, my friend is fighting in the K-889 R system in the Delta Volanus cluster and he is getting killed every squadron he goes up against. This is not fun for us. Logically, and if you actually really watch the star trek shows, which it feel you don't, then the shields of the enemy should not be dropping every five seconds and it should not take half an hour to kill one science vessel. Normally, Picard or Janeway takes down the enemy's shields fairly quickly and once the shields are down, a few (2-3) more hits and the enemy blows up. This game is not like that.

Earlier, my friend went to this random system, beamed down and his personal shield was failing immediately upon fighting Klingon squads. How is this fair? I went in to help him on the final squad and got killed myself before he did. Again, this is not making sense.

When we first started playing this game, everything was cool. I went in with my little Mirand-class looking ship and kicked butt and was done with my missions within half an hour each. Now, it is taking more like an hour to finish a quest. And lots and lots and lots of deaths.

Not to mention leveling: This is another one that has us both baffled. In order for my friend to make Lieutenant Commander, he has to use all of his skill ups, right? As well as make Lt 10. Well, he's lieutenant 10 with a full yellow bar. Even if you have to wait for the end of level 10, shouldn't you get some kind of bonus for maxing out your skill points for the tier?

Please, this has all happened in the last 5 days where normal difficulty has become some kind of elite. For us, going into a system randomly and having 7 bleeding ships bearing down on us immediately is not very fun. 3-5 would have been cool.

Btw, did I forget to mention the fact that in the random instances in the clusters, me and my friend cannot get into the same instances, even though we are teamed and I click on his name instead of explore system? That's another issue that needs to be fixed quickly.

Before me and my friend decide to give up on your rather ingenious, but unfair game, please fix it.
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You know I am having a very similar problem. I go into the same system pickup a random quest beam down to some planet and I am instantly over run by 5-8 klingon mobs, which playing on my own is completely impossible as a Lt 9.

Now I am avoiding all planet landing quests, because I do not want to be taking hours to do a quest that should take around 30 minutes at most.

Tactics can not come into play when the mobs are over powered and or too many of them to deal with. The same is also true of some systems. You can click on a cluster mission and warp straight into a giant amount of hard as heck mobs.

While these systems are open instances you tend never to find many people in them. At this level of progression the max gear you can have is mkII I think.

I guess its open to interpretation whether dying multiple times is fun or not. At least for cryptic anyways. I'd like to see some propert scaling in quest difficulty. Not some quest that says for example lt 5 when really its for lt10. It does make a huge difference.

I am suspecting that the vast majority of quests are also not solo friendly either. 3 squads down on a planet would wipe the place clean pretty quickly, but solo you may as well beam back up again.
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That's really odd because a friend a mine is playing science and is in your level range and hasn't mentioned any problems. He is even playing above normal to have a challenge. With escort he also is nearly RA and i played cruiser until RA5. So far we've done pretty well. I even teamed up with him (was downgraded to his level) and we played above normal without problems (althou a scaled down sovreign sucks compared to it's true power).

Same goes for ground missions. They really aren't a challenge.

I don't say that i don't believe you but either you ran in some conditions that shouldn't be on your level or you could be doing something wrong.
I'd have to agree with Eagle here guys. You probably have your skills for both your captains and bridge officers set up incorrectly. I know a lot of the skills seem really cool to have, but you have to figure out which ones are the /right/ ones to have. What are the right ones? Well, that depends on your play style. You have to figure out which skills enhance your play style.

I give you the guarantee that if you set your guys up right you will stop dying so quickly, if at all, in 90% of your encounters.