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07-05-2010, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by OrdoTerok
First of all, Bump.

Second, great tool. It has helped me figure out why I had issues getting certain aspects of the skill tree to work.

Third, if possible under the Shields tab, could you include something that tracks the use of a shield emitter amplifier? I'm a tac and that console has kept my shields up when by rights, they should have been down.

Again, great tool and to the moderators, BUMP.
Thanks for searching me out in game. It was startling to be recognized by a stranger (don't worry, I won't let it go to me head, lol ).

Sure. In the next version I'll add a field to include the Shield Emitter Amplifier console bonus to the shield regeneration stat. Good idea.

But let me point out that you might want to switch to a shield Field Emitter console. 1) There is already a spot on the main page to include that affect (not that I won't add what you're asking for, either way). 2) These consoles improve Shield Power directly. Each point of shield power above 50 gives a +4% regeneration buff.

=== After Testing ===

Ok, so an Uncommon Mark X Shield Emitter Amplifier is listed as giving a +11% Shield Regeneration Rate buff. A similarlly ranked Field Emitter gives +6 Shield Power Setting. That should be the same as a +24% regen buff, and it will improve your shield damage regneration (Based on the formula in the calculator you get 1% additional resistance, not much, but it's still something). Much more than the +11% given by the Amp.

However, Real World doesn't quite match up. I bought from the exchange one of each. Relative stats here are that my shield has a base regen of 131 and my shield power is 72/50. According to my Status > Passives > Other - Covariant Shield Emitter, my shield recovers 247 Shield Regeneration every 6 seconds. This is in-line with what the Calculator shows I should have (calc shows a +88% which is 246/6s, ie within "normal rounding variance").

If I mount the Uncommon Mark X Field Emitter, my power goes up to 78/50, and my recovery goes up to 278/6s (or +112%. And that fits the described formula too: +6 Power = +24%. +88%+24%=+112%).

But when I mounted the Uncommon Mark X Shield Emitter Amplifier, I expected 88%+11% or +99% and thus 261/6s. But what I got was 275/6s or +109%.

So it appears the Shield Emitter Amplifier is giving +21%. Hmm... Well, I don't have time right now to figure out the maths. Or maybe there's a bug. I dunno. I'll get back to testing another time and post what I find here.

Bottom line though, you still get a higher regeneration on your shields (and the added shield damage resistance) if you use a Field Emitter.