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07-06-2010, 02:54 AM
I still wish they would fix the scale of the bridges, they are at least 30% larger than canon, and i have seen some that are upwards to 50% larger. I would like to see the canon bridges put into the game, ie:

The Galaxy class bridge from the series(The Classic is like Generations, w/ the lcars "wall" added and without the extra command chairs)

The Intrepid class bridge (The Delta and variants are similar to the Intrepid bridge but it is still way different)

The Nova class bridge ( The closest bridge to this one is the "Blase" bridge in the Prometheus pack, and that is because they were reuses of the same set during filming, the "Captain's" area is different and the conn/ops console is different)

The Sovereign class ( Some say that the RA lvl bridges are like the sovs bridge, i can say they are way off, just like the intrepid type)