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07-06-2010, 08:38 AM
Um hmm...I'm on soon to be my 3rd RA5 and I haven't noticed anything like this, BUT if you two are teamed in a exploration and the higher leveled one isn't there, IT doesn't scale down to who is the lowest just to who is the highest. Say for instance you have a RA5 on your team and he doesn't go with you to the mission in said instance for Exploration, ALL the mobs will be RA5 level. Its a bug and they are working on it, same for Story Episodes, they know its broken and its all over the forums that they are trying to fix it.

On a side note, do you have your Bridge Officers setup right? For instance, A science officer with Medical Tricorder I and 1 or 2 Engineers with Recharge Shield Strength (I think thtas what its called, not the Reroute Power to Shields, that s a self buff only!) for away team mission and have you point BO Skill points in them? Also are you using MkII Personal Shields, Mk II Armour and Mk II weapons? If not they are fairly cheap and can be bought via the Exhange or at Earth Space Dock.

On Space Combat, a few of my friends got frustraded with it, but after awhile when they changed Keybindings and their BO skills it was fine. For example Are you running Attack Mode, Shield Mode, Speed Mode or Balanced Mode? All of these depend on your play style but in my opionion running on attack mode with Emergancy Power to Shields works great. Btw Do you have Emergancy Power to Shields? Maybe even a Jam Targeting sensors for your Science BO Space ability? If not visit the Power Store on Eartyh Space Dock in Personell by the Stateroom and look over the skils they have there, you might find something that YOU like and could be helpful to you.

If you are doing Deep Space Encounters, those are broken as well and if a RA5 goes into one and leaves the mobs do not reset in levels. (its a bug and Cryptic knows about it). When you click on a Enemy on thier Portrait if it should have a 0. if its a - number than you shouldn't have a problem at all. If its a + then it will be harder and if its a +10 or greater trying leaveing and coming back until its 0 or close to it (+1 or +2 should be ok) In fact if you are still having problems with it after the advice alot of us have given you then just PM us in game and we can help you further.

Just remember the game is still very new and alot of the bugs still have to be ironed out and alot of them WILL since season 2 is just around the corner! Anyways hope this helps!

P.S. if you want to get ahold of me in-game hit "o" then click on the search tab, then on the blue arrow pointing down on the left side and type in BettyBlue918 in the Search Box, I have a slew of alts but I'm usualy on.