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07-06-2010, 10:14 AM
Originally Posted by Kinjiru View Post
I'm not sure what I'm suggesting here, to be honest, but I guess overall what I'd like to see is truly unique options for both factions, not just cosmetic choices. Between the two factions, what is really different or unique to them?

1. BoPs get universal stations and a battle cloak.
2. Battlecruisers can equip dual cannon-type weapons.
3. All ships excluding the BoP and the Carrier get a standard cloak.

And that's really it. Our shields are the same, weapons, skills, abilities, engines, sensor packages... everything is identical. We don't get a crew-warrior bonus to repel boarders, we don't get skills that reflect our warrior based culture... not really. We don't get to join and fight for or a house, no conquest of lesser worlds... And the Feds should be just as unique, with the emphasis on free thought, adaptability, discovery and curiosity about the galaxy around them.

So what am I saying? I think somebody needs to sit down and come up with some ways for the two factions to really be unique, and not just different shapes of the same things.
I agree, the current course of things is taking us away from that individuality.