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07-06-2010, 07:13 PM
Better yet, rather than adding more races, why not just add the parts to the creator and then put a Template system in place similar to other games with their costumes. For example, in CoH, if I want a Pirate themed hero, I hit the drop down and choose "Pirate" and all the basics are there. Then, if I want to modify it to make it my own type (ie., change the pegleg, color of patch, etc...) I can make modifications as I see fit. This should include the appropriate traits as well which can then also be modified if I choose.

In this case, I should just go "Alien", drop down to whatever alien basis I want and then, if I want to modify the look or perhaps make a new race that is only related to the base race, then I can. Why can't that be implemented? Beyond the obvious "Lost revenue opportunity n the C-Store" reason, I mean.