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07-07-2010, 12:33 AM
Figured I might as well toss this one into the ring for the KDF seeing as we got a couple of FED examples. Please note that this started way back in open beta, so some of my choices were influenced by previous game settings, however I didn't feel the need to go for a major overhall.

TAL's Hazard Healer Build

RACE: ALIEN (Techie, Warp Theorist, Efficient Captain, Elusive)

Link to Skillpoint Tree: Tal's Hazard Healer Build

**Note: This build is done in two phases. Phase 1 requires you to invest 9 full skillpoints in Technician in order to give you the ability to train your Bridge Officer Engineers with Engineering Team III. Once your Bridge Officers are trained, then you can move onto Phase 2. Phase 2 requires you to respec your skill tree to the one found via the link above.

Feel free to modify and tweak to your own playstyle.


Bridge Officers:

Lt. Tact Station:: Fire at Will I, Overload II (FaW = since my focus isn't to lower their shields, I felt it reasonable to have this as a backup to stop any 'unneccesary' mine damage or the excess hampering of targeting they cause (for healers and dpsers alike))

Cmdr. Engineering Station: EPS I, ES I, ET III, ES III

Lt. Cmdr. Engineering Station: EPS I, RSP I, ET III

Ensign Engeering Station: ET I

Lt. Science Station: HE I, HE II (note, as of the latest patch HE effectiveness depend on AUX power)


Basic Paper Doll

Items that boost disruptor weapons, healing abilities, power, etc...
Tact Consoles: 4 Disruptor Induction Coils
Sci Consoles: 2 Halon Systems
Eng Consoles: 2 EPS Flow + 2 SIF Generators

I just happen to run mine with all forward dual beam banks and aft beam arrays [Dis]

lemme know if more info be needed. This build has served me well enough that I can solo heal a whole team with no deaths in pvp as well as rank in the top 3 for dps (however you absolutely need a dedicated dpser in team when facing an equal opponent); my turn rate isn't bad at all because I use my inertia, full impulse reverse, and the opponent's movement to get them in my forward dual beams. I -think- the couple times I have lost were when my team was simply out dpsed (where I was the lone healer and the sole focus) or there was a very good CC science vessel that would break up team formations and therefore out of my heal range (luckily never saw too many of those). I will say that the one setup that always irks me if I'm the lone healer are when there is 1 fed healer/dps cruiser, 2 sci shield buffers which are dedicated to two dps escorts exclusively. Kudos to them for fantastic teamwork.

My favorite setup for teams are either all cruisers (of varying builds), another healer/hybrid dps cruiser (with more of a focus on shield healing), or two ninja cloaker/healers in bop as wingmen. Teamwork for the win. I would reccomend that you put in focus fire as well to the guide, it'd be the one more thing that I do as well .

Team tactics are the following: 4-9 m range of allies, while cloaked stay at least 15 m away from enemy before attacking, focus fire on called targets, order of targets/prime targets (high DPSers and or healers, if evenly matched then focus on killing from weakest to strongest), first strike decoy (myself being the decoy), regrouping should initial attack flop and replan... the general submarine wolf-pack warfare of it as I liken the cloak to being hidden under water. Just for splash, uncloak and attack from behind them rather than in front or next to them... mostly for fun.

I haven't played the build as much since I started my first real fed character after the latest update, I haven't lost on my kdf cruiser in pvp so far (that's excluding the large capture and hold maps where there be a ton of feds and few klings lol), but it doesn't seem as potent as it once was... not saying that it's useless though. I'll definitly have to reread all the new changes in regards to making a fed healer though, trying not to as I have an intense dislike of forums for some reason.

ps The more I play my fed, the more I'm starting to think they really do have a worse turn rate in cruisers, hence the lack of duel beams on my fed healboat. To my KDF friends, I will add... yes, it does feel fantastic when a healboat outlasts 3 galaxy-X's and makes them go boom (the third boom was with help, team work ftw). Mostly because I can than say, 'there.. did you actually use that cloak -that- much?'.

Useful stuff found elsewhere by other players (original authors please forgive me for neglecting to bookmark the page with your forum handle for appropriate credit): Skill Point/Ability Reference charts

1) Open Chart A

2) Open Chart B

and of course and