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07-07-2010, 04:01 AM
This doesn't look bad. I like it.

One mission type I had in mind was based on a TOS episode. There Klingons supplied one side among the Indigenous Lifeform with primitive weapons. (Obviously, Kirk interfered and all that.)

This is a kind of story I could see repeated in STO for the Klingons. Your task is to support one faction so the race will become a vassal of the Klingon Empire. Deliver weapon supplies, help them destroy their opponents, stuff like that. And you can add a nice conflict with the Federation, too.

One related mission type might be "Disrupt Diplomatic Efforts". Two rivaling sides are discussing a peace treaty, under Federation guidance. Help one side to gain an advantage so they will continue (and win) the war, becoming your ally. Stop the Federation ship(s) protecting an important summit to disrupt the treaty. Fake an assault so that the peace treaty comes to a stop. Could be a mission like: Destroy 5 freighters and manipulate the weapon traces to show use of anti-protons, which are used by the race we don't want to win. (Also puts a nice twist to the "scan the wrecks" missions where you always end up finding anti-protons that apparantly every race in the galaxy uses, but clearly identifies them every time.)