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07-07-2010, 06:45 AM
NIce guide. It covers pretty much everything I've already seen in game. However I do have one question, what exactly does the skill bonus affect? I've nver been clear on that, but it seems to me the difference between say a 50 and a 54 skill bonus is negligible to me at best.

In other words does that extra 4 gain any appreciable difference in skill usage. For example, and this is just totally made up but serves as an illustration of my concern, does the extra 4 points gain a slightly longer time for a skill to work? Or does it actually act as a sort of skill check mechanic, for example, where if one has skill x at 50 points and the opposer has skill x at 54 points then the opposer has a slightly better chance of countering that skill?

Or does it get more complicated than that? One caveat there I guess, I'm sure it is more complicated than that, however there is no real indication of what the skill bonus from allocated skill points in the Captain tree actually does. I could just be missing it, but as another example, let's take the Torpedo skill, if I allocate points into that does it equate to a direct increase in Torpedo skills, for example maybe it increases damage slightly but if that's the case is it a difference between .001 and .002 of whatever multiplier that is used?

Over a bonus to point ratio I can see this as being farily minor, and if I'm going to be saving points for later skills where the bonus might be better used, even if it is negligible, it seems pretty important to be placing points where they do the most effect.

Anyway, just some thoughts I had. By the way if you have some links handy, I'm at work now but have to leave the office, please feel free to post them, oh and thanks again for the OP.