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07-07-2010, 10:54 AM
Originally Posted by KazumaKat
Its all very cryptic math.
Aye that it is. Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll log into Tribble some time and see if I can figure out. I'm sure it would take quite a few run throughs to find some correlation, but again I'm not sure if it is really that significant, or if, by virtue of the RNG used if it might not really be noticeable unless there is a large difference in the skill/bonus ratio. In other words, 1 skill increase might not be all that significant in the larger sense, but 4 or 5 skill increases could be enough to show that there is a real bemefit.

I don't really want to know specific numbers but if I do happen to examine any data I might or might not gather, and it shows for example, that at Skill 0 such and such ability does(oh let's just call it 'damage') x amount of 'damage', and at skill 1 the same ability does x amount of 'damage' +2 points, but at skill 5 that same ability does x amount of 'damage' +100 points, then that's a pretty significant increase imo. Note that 'damage' in this sense does not equate to a direct attack, 'damage' could be as simple as an increase of time the ability is active. It is simply just an indicater of what the ability does as it's focus.

Some food for thought anyway.