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07-07-2010, 10:58 AM
I like the overall idea, but just a reminder... (not to the OP, really, but to others. I've read some really bad comments about what Klingons will or won't do.) we need to leave someone alive to rule. In that spirit, I suggest we add a "Round up the Leaders" mission type, or anything dealing with insurrection, really.

Conquest mission types, possible names:
1. Round up the Leaders
2. Catch the Saboteurs
3. Hunt the Resistance Forces
4. Challenge the Leader (of a planetary/city government)
5. Repel the Insurrectionists
6. Exterminate those without Honor (thieves, smugglers, drug users/dealers)
7. Trial by Fire (cleanse a local population of vermin)

And why can't Klingons dispatch a warship to escort a colony vessel? Or deliver supplies to a Klingon Forward Observation Post? Or run engineers to a Listening Post? Or deliver medical supplies to the heroes fighting on the front lines? I think we should have all of these things. It would certainly be a nice change of pace, instead of defending the Empire from those terribly dangerous flowers.