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07-07-2010, 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by samanth0r View Post
This is a great thread from a man who's love of Caitians probably extends a little too far...
And you assume I'm a man because? :3

It's always weird to get a compliment and an insult in the same sentence. I never really know what to say. >.<

If you were ever a fan of "Beauty and the Beast" with Ron Perlman, or maybe even Cats (the musical), you'd probably understand why I like Caitians so much. ^.^

I used to have a really nifty facial appliance with kitty brows, nose and upper lip (Only ever used it a couple of times. I got tired of the spirit gum and latex paint to mask the delineation between latex prosthetic and my skin. Never went full fur, just used face paint and a wig. ^.^

I also used to dress up like a Klingon for cons, had a similar facial appliance, except it was for my forehead. I still used body paint to give myself a deeper Klingon brown and a wig, but the spirit gum and latex wasn't so bad since it was on my forehead instead of my nose and eyebrows.

Remember you're posting not only in a Star Trek forum, but a forum based around a Star Trek MMO that you play before you begin deriding others about their level of nerdiness/geekiness.