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07-08-2010, 05:22 PM
Everybody stay frosty. I'm sure the devs are noticing a pattern in all the Dxdiag submitted. First off, Intel GPU's are not for gaming. They are for job sites use. All of the workstations were I work have integrated Intel chips with the exception of the Devs, like the Web Devs, and they have Quadro cards. The normal users at the Pentagon don't need that much graphic power.

Second off, I noticed that several ATI card owners have old drivers. My drivers are up to date with Driver Version 8.74 (ATI full driver pckg 10.6). I seen post with Driver Version 8.14, OMG that's OLD. I remember seeing one with drivers 6.xx, so this is definitely out of date. I use re-tweak drivers and they perform smoothly. Basically, this guy takes the drivers from ATI and tweaks them even better. The guy even tweak them specifically for ATI 4870x2 card, just because I mentioned that they perform average for MMO's, and they improved nicely. You have to do your homework when it comes to video drivers. Go to video card forums and read what the hardcore gamers are posting about a specific new driver. Trust me, they test the crap out of them.

Everybody wants to blame the Game, but the reality is that many times it's really out of their hands and they are force to work with the Video company. You might as well pull your own teeth. For example, the Dynamic Lighting issue, so you all think this is only happening with STO? Well I hate to burst your bubble, but NO! Other games suffer it, so people are just turning it off, and going about their business. ATI knows about it, and Nvidia, which is also suffering from this issue, knows. I don't know in what place of priority they have this issue locate, but it still has not been addressed.

I hope some of my suggestion helps someone.