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07-08-2010, 08:36 PM
One thing to keep in mind, If you want a certain Boff skill at lvl 3, you have to max something. And if you're doing PvP, every little bit helps since when you're in a match, you're in a match; you can't feasibly swap if somethings not working. So those with an extra few points (real, in game power points [+30 weapon power vs +34, 17s duration vs 20s]) have an edge you dont. An Aside, I think classes along the lines of hot swappable sets in FPSs (like Call of Duty) would be great in any PvP environment (That new Star Cruiser build not working as you intended? Switch back to your Escort Set Up so you're not a constant liability).

But for PvE, the frontloaded nature of skills helps a lot (unless you're flying a DPS escort monster that can kill a cube in a minute or less).