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# 1 Billing Questions?
07-09-2010, 05:52 PM
Hey All,

Recently we saw a few billing issues escalated via forum posts here on the good old Tech Forums.

While we love to help out with these issues, and did investigate them all (fortunately, we found that everything was in order, it was just that some users had trouble with their credit cards), it should be noted that the Tech Forums are not the place to post issues related to payments, credit cards, and issues with subscriptions.

For these issues, we strongly encourage everyone to review the Support Portal here and to submit a ticket to our Billing Support if your issue cannot be solved by one of the posted solutions.

Remember, Billing information is supposed to be private, so please try and avoid posting Billing issues here. I hate opening up a post to see the last 4 digits of someone's credit card, and also don't want to publicly post "Sorry, your credit card didn't have sufficient funds!"

Thanks much!