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07-09-2010, 09:27 PM
Forgive me, I have been on STO and LOTRO at the same time lately and been experiencing computer issues. It's taken me a little time to remember where and what I left off on since fixing the computer. Thank you for your information about the bug in the level matching system. :) I thought we were losing our minds. ;)

I got my friend to Lt Cmdr 5 and things are starting to liven up for us. We've even been doing Rommie quests together the last two days. :) New ship and new armour and weapons helped a lot. Even reworked my own skills and power routing and things are starting to look up. Just wish they would fix the level matching bug. Hopeful Season 2 has the fix in the patch. ;)

I don't like making a thousand posts, so editing is easier in my mind:

When there is a ship above us or below, sometimes, we hit this really annoying snag where we can't get to them. We point straight down and even do this funky spiralling thing to get to them and most of the time we have to full impulse across the system and then come back in to the bad guys and we are able to get them. Has anyone else experienced this issue? It happens on more than one computer and more than one account, obviously, so it can't be our computers. ;)

Sorry, LOTRO forum joke: Every time someone is the first or second to experience a glitch, it's their computer. ;)