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07-11-2010, 02:11 PM
I support the idea in the respect of being able to play any race in any faction.Even tho I dont really see a nausican in starfleet they are very commited to being pirates after all I also dont see humans strong enough to pass the trials that klingons would put them thru either well not many maybe a few.Vulcans wouldnt see a point in fighting for the KDF imho maybe a really whacked out romulan but they are age old enemies.The rest of em sure andorians in the KDF ok ,Lethans in starfleet thats another one idk about cause there isnt much known about them but I think that betazoids do have a big problem with them.So good luck with joining starfleet.

Now not to steer to far off base how bout just a neutral faction that any race can join.One that has no interests in Federation mandates and regulations,nor any want to be controled by the Klingon Empire.Now that sounds like a good way of giving what you want while not shadowing alot of reasons as to why there are people in control on certain starships who would on no normal day have them.Times may be desperate for both sides but I just don see certain Captains being put in command of certain ships.