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07-12-2010, 12:21 AM
Originally Posted by Omega Hunter 9
Thanks to your vids I absolutely ADORE the Emissary pack! Thanks!

strange... i dont realy like the Emissary Pack.
It is way to big compared to anything in Trek, the 100 LCARS screens arround it almost all show the same texture, and when you sit in the captains chair the viewscreen is so far away that it is only a tiny small window, if Bridge Combat will EVER makes it into the game this is the one Bridge that they realy have to change up.
Also the Char Shadows on that Bridge are realy realy bad and pixelated.

The Miranda Pack is on the bottom, it claims it is designed after the Miranda Class but when you compare it to google pictures it has nothing to do with it.
The layout is strangely uneven and the Consoles in the first 2 variants are just ugly (the consoles in the 3rd variant look good though), the Viewscreen looks boring.
This is the only one where i would say DONT buy.
But well i just show you the vid's you can decide yourself

The Destiny and Prometheus Packs are must haves as i see it.
The Destiny may be a little too big and they should fix the LCARS screens in the back (they had it right on Tribble once, then the update was made for Holodeck, screwed everything up and they made a Hotfix and now it looks like it does... just sayin, that LCARS stuff might change)

I'll see if i can get the rest of the Klingon Bridge Packs on tape today, then i will make a shiny new Thread with it for my signature