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07-12-2010, 09:03 AM
While Gravv is blathering again. *sigh*...will point out a more USEFUL tidbit for anyone reading this looking for a fleet.

Last night, had everything from my lowly LtCDR to BGs form up groups to do a "Run your Kling" night. If you haven't played with a good fleet, you are just missing out. SSSOOO much more fun to do fleet work than solo!!

And you will learn much better tactics - ie, you do not have to run 'straight at the enemy" either ground or space. Fleet team was very good about either surrounding them, then fighting....or enveloping them during the fight, so multiple angles of fire were always around. Many many many flank shots, two engaging with bat'leths to open those exposes and knock down entire groups (did you know you can knock down three with a single hit ?) so you end up taking way less fire.

So - look at Unrepentant. You will be UnSorry you did.