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07-13-2010, 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by Dyonas View Post
What exactly do we get for free? As much as people like to think the monthly fee doesn't cover a lot it covers more than enough for what the game has available and then some. Monthly fees were originally to pay for the upkeep of servers, other overheads AND continued development but with hardware prices dropping it's only natural for that money to not go as far. Oh wait....

The Galaxy X was ... is ... a huge cost if you get it via C-Points for what it is and now here comes the two most requested ships (as shown by the Ships Poll at least) and here we go again. It sickens me to think the poll was purposely put up with the idea behind it of, "hey, let's see what they want and then.... THEN ... make them pay for it via C-Store!" because, as much as they're in this to make money like any business, treating your customers like cash cows and thinking they won't notice obvious cash grabs like this for what they are is insulting and very short-sighted.

Seeing that Dstahl is trying to get another method for us to acquire these ships shows me that at least he understands how it is coming across.
Thats what I ways thinking. We dont actually get much 'for free' except access to the game and the obligatory bug fixes. I also though they were being clever by asking us what ships we want then make us pay for it, of course sadly, alot of people dont realize when they are being taken for a ride, its pretty sad.