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07-13-2010, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by kekvin85 View Post
Im quite happy to buy both these ships. We cant have everything for free and id rather make an investment in the game if its going to keep it alive that lil bit longer or is going to get us that extra bit of content that we want
I don't have a problem buying these from the C-store.

However, that is ONLY if all of my characters have access to it. Currently, I am pretty peeved that the ship skins I bought are usable by ALL of my RA characters, but the Galaxy-X that I paid $25 for can ONLY be used by my original character. That sucks. My original character is a tac officer. I am leveling an Engineer whom I think is better suited for the Galaxy X. He is currently a Capt 3. I wish I could remove the X from my tac RA5 and give it to the Eng when he reaches RA1. But, alas, I cannot as of yet.

So, I'll buy both of these if I can use them on any of my chars. But, if they are limited to just one character, I won't. It is that simple.