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07-13-2010, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Wow are you serious?

Some would argue we "should" have everything for free.
The Majority of MMO's don't have microtransactions.
That's kinda why the whole C-store thing feels shady to me. The only other MMO I can think of that has both an extensive in game store and subscriptions is DDO. In DDO you don't AHVe to pay the subscription but you can jsut buy the stuff as you go. If you pay teh subscription you get alot of the stuff opened up free and every month you get like 500 points.

Here it's basically pay pay pay.In the meantime I'm sitting idle with nothing to really do in STO and am supposed to be impressed that I can pay even more money for a new ship skin.

The C-store is the only thing getting new content it seems. The Nebula and Excelsiors actually make sense to me assuming they are ctual variants and not reskins. The alternate skins such as teh Imperial or Nombad class does not make any sense to me. What makes them so special that we felt teh need to put them on teh C-store? Will we ever get a new race or ship as part of an update?