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07-14-2010, 01:04 AM
Frankly, I think we struck a nerve with Cryptic.

Every thread on this issue that I've seen today has been overwhelmingly negative. And then, as I look in tonight, I see threads being closed, or moved where they won't be as visible.

What struck me was a comment from GMDestra regarding how the C-Store funds development "for their fans." Excuse me? Your "fans" have been all over the boards telling you this is not a good idea, that this is likely the straw that would break the camel's back, that charging for every single little thing you add to the game, on top of a standard subscription fee is not feasible, and not economically sound these days, and yet you guys come back with a reply like that?

You say you want feedback Cryptic, then show us that you truly care about what we, your customers, are saying. That means, you have to be able to take the negative just as much as the positive. We are the people you as a company are relying on, to keep your ledgers in the black. When we tell you something, pay attention. Don't silence us. Take your feedback, be it good or bad, and use it to make a product we'll keep paying for. But keep in mind that just like everyone else in these down economic times, we aren't the US Government. We don't have a seemingly infinite supply of money. You can't keep going back to the well, nickel and diming your customers before the well runs dry.

Blizzard got it. Within 72 hours of announcing "Real ID" for the forums, the backlash was so bad, and the cancellations ran so high, they finally had to retract the statement. If they got it, why can't you guys?