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07-14-2010, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by NikeOnline View Post
SIege of Mirkwoood released December 1, 2009. We still have just shy of 4 months until the next release, so excuse me, 11 months rather than a year. In the interim we recieved arguably one of the most content-light free expansions in the entire history of the game. The seasonal events are bigger than the prologue of saying 'hi' to every named ranger in Eriador.
Where are you getting this four months date? Not from Turbine. You're making assumptions as to what they mean by "Fall 2010".

Going from release date to release date, which I imagine trails the work dates by a certain margin, yeah, they've had most of a year off from making content. I sure hope they're feeling rested.
No, they're not rested by any stretch of the imagination. Being closely related to one of said devs, I *know* this statement is false.

So am I. You're allowed to interpret the facts however you like. What I see is a game that has had a radical reorganization, one which has occured at the same time as the ultimate nadir of mission content production in the history of the game. You do not do that for healthy games.
What radical reorganization? The addition of f2p and the store? Being bought by a major company (Time Warner) with deeper pockets?

Note that the majority of the *original* dev team is still there, despite forum speculation. Again, just because content hasn't been released as fast as you'd like, doesn't mean it hasn't been in the works. There are many things that can affect release schedules, both technical and business-related -- ask the STO team. Or any MMO team for that matter.

Um, what do you think the point of such a system is? They spent all that coding and development time for yuks?
To make money, much of it off of f2p and Premium players who can't obtain a lot of the content and such any other way. There will also be cosmetic and convenience items that subscribers will probably be interested in. But again, that will be the subscribers' choice, just like the C-Store is here. I've bought things from the C-Store (costumes, bridges, character slots) because I wanted to, but nothing I've gotten is necessary. That is, I bought them by choice, not because I had to.

That's what the LOTRO store is aimed at for subscribers as well: Convenience and cosmetic, not advantage.

Lets take this up again in say... 6 months.
Not a problem, I look forward to it.

Side note: Apologies to the OP for derailing the thread with a side topic.