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07-14-2010, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by tarjan View Post
LOl yeah i agree with you this is something i said before the costumes where eaven realsed the feds would ask for playable fed orion girls just cause they want the slutty costumes...
I will agree to this if they will agree to keep to starfleet regulation clothing
Pbbt. :p

Yes I want the clothes for my Fed Orion, but I've been playing a hackjob of one since Headstart as a fully RPed (not ERP :p) character. However, she's ****y about not being able to wear the traditional garb of her people anywhere. This proposal is by no means meant to be exclusive to the Orions though, and personally I also would buy Gorn myself.

Also, why are you so interested in keeping the slutty costumes Klingon-side? It's not going to increase the population of KDF characters that actually play and level much. Right now they're going to be terribly underutilized, and I'm proposing this as a fundraiser for more Klingon development.