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07-14-2010, 06:36 PM

I am mostly neutral on this proposal, leaning towards being against it. I understand that people play exiled Orions and such on the Federation side, but I believe the alien generator is already enough for that. I suppose the uniqueness of the new outfits being released for these races being available KDF-side only isn't going to be enough to draw in many players to the faction, but it's not something I'd so easily dismiss. If anything, this proposal proves the draw the outfits do have.

The fact of the matter is... KDF population is so low because we don't receive as much content as the Federation does. In my opinion, allowing these races and their unique costumes to be purchasable for Federation characters would further undermine the KDF and strip away a few reasons to play the Klingon side -- already these is little sentiment enough.

What I'm trying to get at is this; if the game has really come down to being run by the "bean counters" in the office -- just to stay afloat and operational, this game is already doomed. Not enough people, as you suggest, play the KDF side to warrant resources being sunk into fleshing out the experience. It's a slippery slope; cut back more development time for Klingons and less people will play them, and in turn, more development gets shaved away. I seriously hope this is not the case, and I hope the developers goals are not being overly influenced by financial decisions.

If the KDF had as much content as the Federation, I do not believe there'd be such a stark division of population. But because the developers will not take the time to truly get the Klingons up the speed, this will remain an issue for a very long time.

Why do we need a fundraiser for the KDF? Perhaps the true heart of the situation lies in answering that question, not in this proposal.