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07-15-2010, 01:00 AM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
While I would be happier if you could get the ships in the game (I hope for the Merit/C-Points hybrid model) I can live with them on the C-Store. Time has passed in the Star Trek universe, some ship classes are almost completely out of service (which doesn't explain how Miranda and Constitution are still there...), and we have to use newer ones.
However, I disagree completely with the idea that a complete server reset would be needed for a redesign of the tier system. Players still have their levels it shouldn't be a problem to give everyone a free respec and ship token to adapt to a system change.
Agreed & disagree..maybe.

An extensive redesign of the Ship Tier system to correct ship tier "flow" and implement these older designs of ships that players want in (and really should have been in there to begin with) would most certainly involve rearranging the order of several ships. Some may move up, some may move down. If a vessel is currently available to a low or mid-level player and then moved up the tiers, thus becoming unavailable to said player, that would be somewhat unfair I think.

I didn't consider the respec, which would most definately be in order, but who would that be benefiting really? Certainly not the established player already at the top of the tiers; whatever switches you would make would already be beneath their tier level so a respec wouldn't really be any sort consolation as they wouldn't really suffer from any changes made. It's the low to mid-level players that would be impacted. It's they that would stand to lose the time and efforts they had already invested in. The problem with that is that it seems to me the new subscriber rate has fallen drastically; the vast majority of the current playing population is higher-leveled.

Still, in my opinion the only fair option I am seeing to correct ship tiers (to make it the way you and I, the actual PLAYERS, know it should be AND correctly implement the new ships) would be a reset. Sure, I guess we could just cr*p on lower/mid-tier/new subscribers and switch up tiers with a respec as a consolation, but that probably isn't a great business model for Cryptic as it attempts to salvage a subscriber base. I'm not saying that a reset would be better for Cryptic, either. I'm just pointing out what I believe would be the cost to give everyone what they're crying for while fixing the problem (that created this issue to begin with) the "right way". But, that's not what Cryptic is doing. The easy wy out is to sell them as extra skins in the C-Store. It's not my first choice, but at least now I have hope for getting my Nebula Class.

SO... the end of the day, what you have now is a higher-leveled player population making demands that, if satisfied and carried out correctly, would require a vast reorganization of the game. The only fair exectution of this would require those that are making these damands to ultimately lose everything they have now at this point. The addition of these vanity ships as C-Store skins/variants/whatevers is really the only way to go without disrupting the current "fabric" of the game.