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# 1 Balance PVE?
07-15-2010, 03:17 AM
I feel that Cryptic has done a nice job in balancing PvP play, but this has been done at the expence of PVE balance. Unless you're running an escort, taking down enemy ships take forever, and unless you're running a cruiser you risk beeing one-shotted by ships pumping out HYTs quicker than your resists can cope with...

Doing b'tran enemy confrontations on Elite:

- Cruiser - I never get killed, but it takes forever to complete mission.
- Sci Ship - I sometimes get killed, and it takes forever to complete mission.
- Escort - I get killed a lot, but the mission does NOT take forever to complete.

imo there are 3 high priority changes that needs to be done to NPC ships:

- Nerf HYT so one-shotting is not possible (having 4 quantums critting at 16000 each tossed at me means i'm dead even before the 4th hits me... especially when done twice in 30 seconds)
- Give NPCs global cooldown on abilities! Beeing hit by something, countering it, and beeing hit by it a second time 2 seconds later is just silly... (HYT, Borg Shield Neutralizer and more)
- Reduce NPC hull/shield strength to make battles shorter. What is the strength of a Nicor Cruiser? something like 40,000 shield and 100,000 hull?

Do NOT reduce the damage of the NPC, as this would make the battles easier! Just reduce the amount of shield/hull to make the battles shorter! AND remove the one-shotting abilities.