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07-15-2010, 08:54 AM
Originally Posted by KillingMeSoftly
Thanks for the heads up about Gorn/Nausicaans. I hadn't ever tried to make those as an Alien species.

I have been wanting a Klingon focused patch for a while now; one that would truly flesh out the Empire. The problem with this is many; for one, there are so many Federation players who don't have a Klingon and have little interest in seeing the other half the game being brought up to spec -- they would have a right to complain if there's a patch with little Federation content... simply on the grounds that STO, as a whole, really needs to be fleshed out more. In the end, I think a Klingon focused patch would do amazing things for the game, but in the short-term I imagine it would be a bit damaging. I'd hope that's not truly the case and people could understand, but I seriously doubt it.

Season 2 has been disappointing for me on the Klingon side. The new missions are nice, but there's little of anything else, while Federation gets many wonderful things we've been asking for. So many Klingon players have been waiting for Season 2, and perhaps some of us have had too high hopes for what it would bring us, but to be honest... what we've gotten for all our waiting is underwhelming. Before risking turning my post into Klingon gameplay complaints, I'll switch gears.

I like the idea of a KDF fundraiser, but somehow I don't think those resources earned would go towards creating Klingon exclusive content. Call me a pessimist, but it seems Cryptic is so hurting for money they'd use a good portion on other things. Speculation aside, I also don't think selling the Klingon races to the Federation would generate enough revenue to create a decent amount of KDF content; perhaps the Orions would sell well for their sex factor and skimpy attire, but I don't think there'd be many Nausicaans or Gorn or Letheans; I don't see many of them on the KDF side to begin win -- I see mostly Klingons and Aliens... and I don't see many Klingons Federation side, even though you don't really need to purchase the race to make one.

Perhaps there could be a wide sale on most items in the Cryptic store for a week, and that cash earned could go exclusively to produce KDF-only content. That's something I would back; it would give me a chance to purchase some items I've had my eyes on but are too expensive for my tastes.

I believe Cryptic has painted themselves into a corner with how they've treated the issue with Klingons, and I don't think there's going to be an easy way out.
Only real way for them out of the klingon mess is actually making the klingon faction and giving the whole game the war we supposed to have but since this game was actually marketed with having 2 sides there shouldent be a need to push for a fundraiser for klingon content it should allready be there in their budget.
So i am greatful for the suggestion about a fundraiser for klingon content but i am angry it has come to this...