Thread: Balance PVE?
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07-15-2010, 09:26 AM
I am fairly new but I only run missions on elite because otherwise they're well.. boring to be honest. However, I'm a bit concerned about something:

If I get hit with a 4-5 torpedo salvo with full shields on and full hull, I will be taken down to 0 shields and 25% hull. No other attacks hitting me. So I'm wondering if it's WAI that NPC torpedos seem to do full damage to shields when the torpedos "we" fire basically just amuse shields? Or is there a special "salvo" power I'm not aware off that would allow "us" to also decimate shields with torpedos?

(I have learned to cope by becoming pretty adept at manoeuvring to stay away from their frontal attacks, as well as having several different heals hotkey'd and ready to deploy, sometimes preemptively. But I still wonder if this is WAI..)