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07-15-2010, 12:07 PM
Defiant cloak is coming - nothing can be done about it. If they have also un-nerfed MES, then it seems to me that PVP will become a slow, submarine-like hunting affair. Which could be cool. It could also be real boring.

The question that keeps nagging at me, though, is that after the Feds get their cloak(s) and still continue to get steamrolled in PVP by the Klingons, what will they then blame it all on? Battlecloak? BoP universal stations? Better turn rates?

It's funny to me because, with my Fed Sci/Sci alt, I have no problem finding, exposing, and killing cloaked Klingons. But, I guess that for most Feds, Sensor Scan is just too precious as a DPS enhancer to ever waste searching for cloaked enemies. It's sad that they have to break canon and introduce something as stupid as mass-cloaking for Feds just so they can feel more competitive against the "OP" Klingons, when the very tools to balance it all were already in the game.

The only thing that sucks in an FvK Arena (for me) is that once a Fed dies, they have a hard time regrouping and preparing for the next wave of battle. If they just created dedicated Fed/Klingon spawn points and loaded them up with turrets, like Capture and Hold, it'd be much easier to regroup, and would go a long ways towards balancing things out, IMO.