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07-15-2010, 11:21 AM
I want it as a Tier 3 Cruiser.

Because it would be the logical progression!

Miranda -> Constitution -> Excelsior -> (Ambassador -> ) Galaxy -> Sovereign

(ok ambassador can be skipped... or if ever then as variant for the Galaxy Class, it is close enough in Design)

The Excelsior Refit (like Enterprise-B) as a Tier 5 Refit Cruiser... special ability? uuuhm...
cooldown of every ability set to "arrives on Tuesday"?

I also want the Excelsior as Tier 3 BECAUSE there are only these ugly 4 necelled Ships in there...!
I hated those designs the most in the whole Cruiser progression... as OPTION... sure fine, but beeing forced to fly those things? *meh*
I rushed through that part of the game only to finally get the Galaxy Class.

I dont care if it will be a C-Store ship or not... i will buy any C-Store items anyway... as long as they arent overpriced like the Galaxy-X (but then i just need to wait until the forums burned down ;P)