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07-15-2010, 02:17 PM
Well, maybe it is because characters in STO already use a lot of space in the database? You've got:

1. Your captain and his/her uniform slots
2. Your bridge officers, each with their own space in the database (for their appearance and equipment)
3. Your ships, and all the information that must be saved for each one
4. Your personal bank, and personal inventory.

Every ship slot, every uniform slot, every character, takes up space in the database. Let's say they were account-wide, and you buy a pair of uni slots, a pair of BOff slots, and a pair of ship slots. You then go on an alt-making rampage. Imagine the additional space in the database you "Took up" as soon as you hit the "Create" button.

Now, imagine a large number of other players doing the same thing. Imagine the resultant load on the database.

Long story short, it probably has to do with space in the database being a bigger consideration than it is with CO (I've never played CO, but I have played CoH/CoV).

Just my thoughts and opinion.