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07-15-2010, 04:16 PM
Though none of these uniforms can truly be considered canon (the TOS uniform is still missing some pieces, like the sequined loin wrap and the proper badge and sash). This is my best mock up of the Klingon Uniforms as seen in the series and films.

TOS (The Original Series) Uniforms

TOS Klingon
TOS Klingon Veteran

TOS Orion Female 1
TOS Orion Female 2
TOS Orion Female 3

WoK/SfS (Wrath of Khan/Search for Spock) Uniforms

WoK Klingon Command
WoK Klingon Crew

WoK Klingon Veteran

FF (Final Frontier) Uniforms

FF Klingon Captain 1

UC (Undiscovered Country) Uniforms

UC Klingon Command
UC Klingon Command 2
UC Klingon Crew

UC Klingon Veteran

TNG (The Next Generation) Uniforms

TNG Klingon Male
TNG Klingon Male 2
TNG Klingon Female
TNG Klingon Female 2
TNG Klingon - Kahless Clone

TNG Nausicaan 1
TNG Nausicaan 2
TNG Nausicaan 3
TNG Nausicaan 4

DS9 (Deep Space Nine) Uniforms

DS9 Klingon Female 1
DS9 Klingon Female 2
DS9 Klingon Female 3
DS9 Klingon Male 1
DS9 Klingon Male 2

DS9 Klingon Female Veteran

DS9 Klingon Mercenary 1
DS9 Klingon Mercenary 2
DS9 Klingon Mercenary 3

DS9 Klingon Mercenary Veteran

DS9 Lethean Mercenary 1
DS9 Lethean Mercenary 2
DS9 Lethean Mercenary 3

VOY (Voyager) Uniforms

VOY Klingon Female
VOY Klingon Female 2
VOY Klingon Male
VOY Klingon Male 2

ENT (Enterprise) Uniforms

ENT Orion Female 1

ENT Orion Male 1
ENT Orion Male 2
ENT Orion Male 3

25th Century Uniforms

Klingon Female 1
Klingon Female 2
Klingon Female 3
Klingon Female 4

Klingon Male 1
Klingon Male 2
Klingon Male 3
Klingon Male 4

Gorn 1
Gorn 2
Gorn 3

Nausicaan 1
Nausicaan 2
Nausicaan 3

Orion Female 1
Orion Female 2

Orion Male 1
Orion Male 2
Orion Male 3

Klingon Academy