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07-15-2010, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by cavilier210 View Post
Extra ship interiors? Yes
New episodes? No definate answer yet, so I'm going with still possible

Cryptic hasn't said anything new about the limits of their C-store, and they haven't kept to what they said last year when they said no items woulkd be game changing. The new races toed that line and the Galaxy-X blew by it. There is currently no ship similar to the galaxy-X in the game, and so the galaxy-X is game changing.
None of the items are game changing you don't have to fight the GX any differently from any other cruiser it's underpowered with a poor game mechanic.

The races aren't any different they don't have to be fought any differently than other Federation races and are no harder to kill. They aren't as good as an Alien you can make free. Just a different skin.