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07-15-2010, 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by squidheadjax View Post
Every species but Klingon and Ferengi.

TOS Connie.

3-buff tribble.


All alter gameplay with concrete mechanical effects unique to them.
TOS Connie and the tribble were available before they were put on c-store and can probably still be gotten from buying the game from the stores with those bonus items. GX has a very poor game mechanic and has no effect on the game other than being a well liked target.

Caitain can take pounce but all characters have a knock down with riffle butt. Pounce will only knock someone down 25% of the time.

Tellarites have a very poor version of Fury. Fury increases damage when you are below 50% health. Tellearites have a 50% chance to get 20% damage increase when taking a damaging critical strike. Which doesn't happen a lot.