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07-15-2010, 05:06 PM
I did this math in another thread but it has a place in this one too I think. Below is why I think 400CP is more than a bit much for per-character costume slot expansion:


So when you save a costume in the costume creator STO creates a 300x400 pixel JPG in your screenshots directory. Using some technomagic, STO is able to interpret this image to assemble your race, body and costume parts in the creator when you load your costume save file. These files seem to average roughly between 30 and 40 Kilobytes, or Kb.

It seems reasonable to assume that our costume files are saved on the server in a similar manner. If that is the case, then when buying 2 costume slots for one character I am spending $5 on the ability to conveniently access 80 kilobytes of data. We could even round that up to 100 Kb if we want.

So, let's see:
$5/100Kb = $0.05.

5 cents per kilobyte. How much would a 5c/Kb iPod Touch (32Gb) cost, I wonder?

$0.05 x 1,024 (Kilobytes in a Megabyte) x 1,024 (Megabytes in a Gigabyte) x 32 (Gigabytes in the iPod)

And the pricetag would be: (can I get a drumroll..)


That's a pretty nice iPod! Now I know there are other forces at work... namely bandwith and server clock time and what have you. I have no way of estimating how much more costume slots cost Cryptic in those terms.

I also know that they want to make a profit on these things, not just break even.

And that's why I'm happy to pay for items in the C-Store. I'm even happy to pay for costume slots in the C-Store. But I'm not happy about paying top dollar for a service that isn't account wide.