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07-15-2010, 04:07 PM
Originally Posted by Aslan_chShran View Post
If the C-Store had started like that, sure I can buy it. But the game is only months old and it's slowly switching from every time being "account wide" to being "character specific" which is where I draw the line and find their tactics to be bordering on disgusting. If I'm wrong and tons of stuff keep coming out that is "account wide" then I will eat my words but to me this is the start of THEM testing the waters on how much we, the players, would be willing to shell out.

They tried it with the $25 doll Galaxy X and it seems like from the # of Galaxy X's I have seen that was a win for their marketing department, and has followed suit with raising the prices slightly and making things character specific to milk more money out of us (which I was HAPPY to do to improve the game I love when it was account specific).
I will admit when I first saw teh announcment that the new features were going to be per account I was thinking "Hey, That would be a good idea. Have a discounted price for your stuff in the C-store if you buy it on a per character basis but still retain the current accoutn wide price for thsoe that would prefer that route." Then I saw it was just talking about its new fearures and that the prices were way out of whack based on the precident they have currently set. It's a bizzare choice but I am more baffled by the price than anything.

Especailly since there really isn't any need for more Boff space. I don't even fill my current roster because I tend to only ever used 4 or 5 of them anyway. More ships? Not really much call for that either since you tend to specialise in a certain type the way the skill tree is deswigned. More costumes? Again not really needed. Especially cincidering we can't change our Boffs uniforms on the fly to say nothing of the random crew on our bridge.