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07-15-2010, 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by Sir_James_of_Cadiz
each of these have an advantage and a disadvantage. all items within the game already have highs and lows. if each ship had the same stats, then the game would offer no challenge.

i get your points and see where you are coming from, but your degree of gameplay altering i think is a bit larger then you realize.

and im am not arguiung against you personally, i just like to converse and discuss until i can see more of what people consider game breaking.
The concern is not so much that they are OMGWTFPWNZOR!-level game-breaking. They are slightly advantageous, they give a slight advantage.* The problem is that even slightly, this is game-altering. Granted, only a very little bit, and only a slight advantage... but the concern that I think SquidheadJax has is that it can easilly become a slippery slope because, originally, there was not supposed to be anything game-altering *at all* on the C-Store. Then there's stuff that's slightly altering (the multibuff tribble.) Now there's something that is slightly more game-altering (Galaxy-X.) The Connie is also marginally better than the starting CL. And the playable races on the C-Store do have an effect, albeit (again) minor. All small things... but there was oiriginally not supposed to be such things in the C-Store at all. So now... where does it stop? What's the line that says 'this is game affecting and should not be in the C-Store,' and 'this is not-quite-so-game-affecting and could be in the C-Store.'?

My own concern is a little more visceral and not quite logical. As I have said before, I grok that Cryptic uses the funds from the C-Store to accelerate development; they have a year of non-live development to catch up on, after all! And I know that the $15/mo. USD subscription fee should, in 2010 dollars, be rightly $20 (but no major or would-be-major MMO wants to be the first to charge that much.) So they're essentially working with a loss. I get it. But what bothers me is that some of the stuff creeping into the C-Store is iconic. Okay, my particular bugaboo is ships. We spend most of our time staring at our ships, and they, more than the races, define Star Trek. Granted, this is IMHO, so take this with an isogram of salt; but I find it unfortunate and disappointing that two ships that were really asked for, that were considered very 'iconic' of Trek (at least of this era of Trek) are being put in the game but only if you pay above and beyond your subscription fee.

Again, I realize that they are releasing a lot of stuff for our base subscription, for no additional cost... but honestly, until a year has passed -- six months and counting, or thereabouts -- I will hold off any judgement as to if the content is enough for a fully-released game. Because right now... I'm sorry, Cryptic, but CBS and Atari pushed you to release a year before there was enough content and development. I don't blame the Cryptic developers, I think they did a pretty good job for the time they had. I just don't think the Cryptari marketing folks and bean-counters really have the best interests of the game itself at heart, instead of just the bottom line.

* - Personally, the Galaxy-X has dubious advantage, since most people flying one try to fly it like a massive Defiant and get ZOWNT after they make their first pass.