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07-15-2010, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by Aslan_chShran View Post
Like the title suggests... I was very excited to see new additions to the C-Store but wow, what a price difference. Before, things were like 200 cryptic points, etc. or if it WERE 400 it would open for ALL Character slots.

Now, Cryptic is trying to wiggle in 400 point sales that affect ONE CHARACTER which I believe is really setting a precedence - and a bad one at that.

400 points for 2 extra bridge officer slots... on ONE character.
400 points for 2 extra costume slots... on ONE character.
400 points for 2 extra ship slots... on ONE character.

Uh, Cryptic? That's low down and dirty - everything has been for ALL your characters and now you're trying to pull even MORE money by raising the prices and making these features only affect ONE character? You realize I LOVE your game and have like 6-7 characters that I play. This is a complete SLAP IN THE FACE.

EVERYONE wants extra costume pieces and knowing that your "marketing department" made it for a single character so that people would have to spend A LOT of money to get extra slots for all their characters.

That's low. I was ready to drop 1200 points TODAY to get all this stuff, now I'm ready to drop 0 points. Maybe in the future, who knows. But the difference is between NEEDING and WANTING. I WANTED.

I might NEED the character slots because I roleplay a lot, but that means you will eventually get 400 points instead of 1200.

Good job.
I don't even see why anyone would buy anything of that anyway. I mean we've all got plenty of BOs, you only need 4 for away teams and 5 at skillcap to man your ship. With Season 2 you get an extra clothing slot anyway, and an extra ship slot.

I honestly don't see the use of any of those new features to tell you all the truth...