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07-15-2010, 04:38 PM
Originally Posted by Meynolt View Post
I don't even see why anyone would buy anything of that anyway. I mean we've all got plenty of BOs, you only need 4 for away teams and 5 at skillcap to man your ship. With Season 2 you get an extra clothing slot anyway, and an extra ship slot.

I honestly don't see the use of any of those new features to tell you all the truth...
Exactly this... who needs this?

I don't even use all of my boffs slots.. 3 are empty... same for custume slots... if i want to change it i change it and you always could save you old one... Shipslots are also more then enough there.. or are you keeping your starter ship and every other ship you ever gained? Quite wastefull...

People go nuts over nothing....

Its like people complain cryptic forces you to spend money in the store... yet i havn't spent a single dime in the store... im "pawning" galaxy x with no problem all the the other stuff is fluff, which im not interested in anyway.