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07-15-2010, 09:03 PM
And the ability to set key positions too.

First officer (Riker, Spock)
Chief of Security (Tasha, Worf)
Chief of Ship Operations (Data)
Chief Medical Officer (Bev, Bones)
Chief Engineer (Scotty, La Forge)
Chief Science Officer (Jadzia, Spock)
Ships Counciler (Ezri [hottest Dax ever!], Deanna)

I love the idea of night shift... just to get rid of those stupid generics. Add in this key positions and you've got something great! It was so annoying getting a 3 seat bridge but having a generic officer and the LOWEST RANKING officer sitting in the two other seats while the highest ranking (who I consider my ships first officer) sitting at the helm (helm... helm... seriously!? Commanders don't sit helm, that's the job of a red shirted ensign!!)