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So we just got a post by Dstahl about what he knows about those two ships. here is that post.

Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
The details haven't been completely ironed out yet - so I don't have all of what you're asking for but here's what I can share.

The models for the ship are nearly complete - it is just a matter of adding the powers/class configs to the ships and then getting approval.

These ships are currently slated to have slightly different configurations with at least 1 intersting unique ability (Nebula will have some sort of awacs like power and excelsior gets transwarp to any sector ability)

We are heavily considering a suggestion posted earlier where acquiring these ships unlocks both a T3 AND T5 version. So you can fly it at Captain and then a Refit version at Admiral. (love this idea btw)

And as mentioned earlier - I'm also arguing for a way to get alternative ways to unlock these types of things in game so that there are other ways to get the ship rather than via the C-Store.

Price is completely up in the air and set by the C-Store team.

hmm well we don't know everything but this will put some light on it, and I'm happy now. we know that it is going to be it's own ship. it mite be tier 3 and tier 5, and I like the transwarp to anywhere idea. still more to learn but this helps a lot.