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# 1 C-Store Suggestions
07-15-2010, 11:51 PM
I would like to see one modification of an existing C-Store purchase and another one added.

If you buy the Rename Token, you should get to change ALL of your toons names not just the short name he known by. Yes I know you can spend Merits/Honor to do this but at low levels you don't have nearly enough, let alone enough to actually use this game function. So if you are going to spend the cash, you should get to change ALL of the name fields, not just the Short name.

New Addition
This is also aimed at low level characters who don't have the 3000+ merits to spend on it.... you should be able to purchase a Ship Name and Regestry change in the C-Store. Sure, an RA 5 can probably afford it but when you are Lt. or Lt. Cmdr, you don't have the 3000 merits it takes to fix an annoying typo. Yeah I should have paid more attention but if we can rename our characters with a purchase from the C-Store, why not our ships?

Thank you for your consideration.