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07-16-2010, 02:45 AM
Originally Posted by Warem
I believe what others have been trying to point out is that while being one-shotted is definitely a possibility, with skill and the right powers it can be avoided.

Or stated differently, yes, the enemies have the ability to one-shot an escort on elite, but you (should) have the ability to avoid being the target of the shot if you play an escort on elite.
I fly a sci-ship. Enemy ships often fire HYTs from both ends. I fin it completely unrealistic that i should be able to stay within the 90' blind-spot for the entire match. This would be a remarkable feat even if flying a BOP, which i don't... In addition, to be able to wear down your enemies in a sci ship you really have to face towards your enemy very often to deploy sci powers.

I can survive by hitting BFI before i'm hit. This means i have to keep a distance of at least 1-2km to be able to react to it, and the way NPC escorts fly means they try keep the distance at 0km, this means you have to face the wrong way most of the fight if you want to have time to hit BFI. Another thing is the CD on BFI is wayyyy longer than the HYT cd.

Don't get me wrong, I do a lot of elite fighting, species like the Borg i find to be well balanced (except for the Shield Neutralizer not having a CD, which really sucks when you fly a sci-ship and rely on your shields to stay alive. Anyhow, this can be avoided with skill and is mostly an annoying time-consuming feature). Most other fights are also well balanced, but every now and then, in fights where i in retrospect can't see how i could have done anything better, i find myself beeing HYTed with BFI on cd and is insta-killed...

I could ofc swap out my RSP for Aux to D, but i believe most people will agree that RSP is a far more useful skill in most situations.