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07-16-2010, 07:18 AM are whining that you "only play on elite" because you are too good for anything else, but you expect to be able to beat any elite ship quickly, and without any risks to your own ship?

Get over yourself.

And no, Roach isn't being arrogant. He is good. Read some of his tactical advice posts, you might even improve a little bit, without meaning to. Face him and a few others here in PvP, and you will find out you are probably not as "uber" as you think.

And FYI - I fly an Assault Cruiser, routinely in elite, and take down pretty much anything thrown at me in suitable time frames solo. Fleet wise, we will tear through mobs like a hungry man after steak and a beer. I have yet to even see one of our team die in elite with a 5 man run.

If your attention span is 30 seconds, in which you expect to beat any mission, get blue loot drops, and zero ship damage, then you are being a bit unrealistic. It is you that needs to adjust, not the game. I personally like it the difficulty slider the way it is.