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07-16-2010, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by Twenty_Eyes View Post
Now, Cryptic heard you!

Service: Two Additional Costume Slots
(400 Cryptic Points)

Service: Two Additional Bridge Officer Slots
(400 Cryptic Points)

Players want it, ya pay for it...
this is REALLY not the same

ok, its a way to get rid off two generic BOs on your bridge, BUT:
- to make your bridge perferct you wouldnt even have the free choice of their classes,
you would have to have four of each kind...
- just to get rid of generics its pretty an expensive way...
- these are meant to be usable player-BOs, their intention doesnt fit to mine...

i still just want to be the nightshift an optic-upgrade, not more not less...

and if i imagine there will be like a dozen new generics within your interiors,
i really dont want to buy as many BO-slots as needed...
... especially not single for every char...