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07-16-2010, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by Tilarium View Post
And the ability to set key positions too.

First officer (Riker, Spock)
Chief of Security (Tasha, Worf)
Chief of Ship Operations (Data)
Chief Medical Officer (Bev, Bones)
Chief Engineer (Scotty, La Forge)
Chief Science Officer (Jadzia, Spock)
Ships Counciler (Ezri [hottest Dax ever!], Deanna)

I love the idea of night shift... just to get rid of those stupid generics. Add in this key positions and you've got something great! It was so annoying getting a 3 seat bridge but having a generic officer and the LOWEST RANKING officer sitting in the two other seats while the highest ranking (who I consider my ships first officer) sitting at the helm (helm... helm... seriously!? Commanders don't sit helm, that's the job of a red shirted ensign!!)
would be a very nice addition, agreed!

but i believe itīs a whole new thing, but still yes, id like to see it too...

as far as i could figure out the places where they sit are bound to their class
and within the class seats its about which BO you hold for the longst time...

it might be a puzzling work, but right now you may only discharge and rework your BOs
until they are in the "right row" of being longest time in duty and fit into stations as you want them...

maybe they dont really have to let us to determine exactly who should sit where,
it could be enough if we would be able to switch their positions in the BO-list in the overview,
this way we could "imitate" who is longest time in duty...

could be even the most easy way to solve this...