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07-16-2010, 10:46 AM
I recall reading in a previous thread that purchases made from the C-Store helps with development - although I don't remember the particular specifics of how much of what percent of C-Store purchases actually ends up in development. So, if the C-Store were only stocked with "fluff" items, which by the way, could mean something completely different from one person to the next, there wouldn't be a lot of extra funds going into development. In fact, we all know that the developers are working within a very restrictive, almost laughable, budgetary constraints, so taking away revenue that could potentially lead to increasing that budget is foolish in the long run.

While I certainly don't feel like Cryptic is as sinister as a few of you make them out to be, I do agree that there should be options for players who don't have the finiancial means to purchase particular items from the C-Store, like as was mentioned before in other threads, using in-game merits to offset some, if not all, of the costs.

I think there is room for compromise between providing an additional revenue source that is funneled directly back into development while maintaining the integrity of the game in regards to player access to high-end items.