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07-16-2010, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by MarkStone View Post
I sincerely applaud Dstahl in his efforts to make the community happy, but the fact is that the C-Store needs to be stocked with nothing but fluff and the game that we all paid for back in February has a lot of missing things that some of us are flat out just not going to pay for.

If Dstahl is really watching what is going on here, please pass the following on to the "C-Store Dept."

The Way STO Feels...
Hi Mark and Co.

I see a lot of praised toward Mr Stahl for trying to make this another C store "event" a bit less painful for if he was a mediator, yeah right...with all my respect... who do you think has the final word in STO, set the trend etc...the Exclusive producer or the C store team (which most likely is just a wonky name to call a meeting of some of the dev, artist etc..maybe all of them..with Mr Stahl at the end of the table).

Don t get me wrong i appreciate Mr Stahl communication skills and his will to share info to the community..but at the end of the day.... he s aware of what s going on around and allocates tasks to his team....He agreed to put these BO/Ships etc slots on the C store or maybe it was his own idea due to budget constrain.
I can only hope they were expected this type of outrage about the C store...but as someone said in another post...they must be testing the market...see how much they can push our tolerance and wallet depth. Some people have already bought for more than 1200 points of additional slots for one there is a market...

Very interesting... when you cryptic guys make the decision to add something into the C store...i can only wish someone would think about repercussions...and if they(the players) don t like it what are we going to do? any plan B or just let s see what a going to happen?

after all they are running a business...their goal is to make money...not to entertain us.... their medium is STO... they will try to maximize as much as possible from any particular object/project while trying to keep a good image.... start high then come down to some kind of agreement/compromise.

PS: great link Mark... right in the bullseye... thank you for the laugh